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Hong Kong Titan Trading Co., Ltd
Hong Kong Titan Trading Co. Ltd.integrated logistics, foreign exchange trading, global procurement
We have a very qualified team to help meet our most stringent customer requirements, expertise in many areas and effective workflow. With the continuous growth of customers, our employees can work in strict accordance with the required rules and regulations to help our customers achieve a good balance between quality and price.
Hong Kong Titan Trading Co., Ltd., integrated logistics, foreign exchange trading, global procurement
Trading Company
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Company Introduction
About us, Titan Hong Kong Trading Co., Ltd. is a reliable trading company in Hong Kong. Founded in May 2015, it is committed to supporting the South American market, has rich international business experience and focuses on Asian supply. With the support of the Chinese market, we have provided a series of products and exported many different products to South America and the United States. In the past few years, relying on the strength of the company, we have developed rapidly in local markets and factories all over China. In this way, Titan HK trading achieved satisfactory development in 2015 and its attraction to the market continued to increase in 2016.
Our service type
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Import and export
Relying on the global service network and professional team services,
we provide customers with one-stop import and export services such as customs declaration and agent inspection declaration of materials,
equipment and finished products.
Lean warehousing
Provide lean warehousing, bonded warehousing, loading and unloading, distribution, bar code management,
warehouse analysis and other diversified value-added services.
Global logistics
It can provide domestic logistics, international logistics, cross-border logistics,
bonded logistics and other transportation services.
financial service
Provide personalized and customized foreign exchange management consulting and services
Exchange Transactions
Integrated Logistics
EProduct Sourcing
Titan (Hong Kong) International Trading Co., Ltd
Room 1506, 15 / F, Lok Chi Centre, 165-171 Wanchai Road, Wanchai District, Hong Kong
Integrated logistics - foreign exchange transactions - Global Procurement
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