Trading Company
Reciprocal transfers in which each party receives and sacrifices approximately equal value. In an exchange transaction,
the potential public benefits are secondary to the potential proprietary benefits to the resource provider.
Exchange Transactions
System-wide management of entire logistics chain as a single entity, instead of separate management of individual logistical functions.
Integrated Logistics
A procurement strategy in which a business seeks to find the most cost efficient location for manufacturing a product,
even if the location is in a foreign country.
EProduct Sourcing
Performance of administrative and physical functions associated with storage of goods and materials.
The type of service to you
Import and export services
Lean warehousing service
Global logistics services
financial service
◆ customs clearance: top-level customs clearance qualification, fast customs clearance in 2-6 hours.
◆ tax refund: the documents are complete and arrive on the same day.
◆ foreign exchange: settlement within 2 hours after arrival.
◆ self owned warehouse network: self built warehouse in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, covering an area of 3000 + square meters.
◆ advanced storage equipment: 3-hour sorting and 24-hour distribution.
◆ intelligent warehouse management: mature management system and professional operation team.
◆ round the clock "door to door" and "door to port" services.
◆ whole process transportation visualization and 100% rapid response.
◆ insure the whole transportation to ensure the safety of goods.
◆ provide t / T, L / C (spot / forward), bills and other settlement methods;
◆ provide foreign exchange management services such as foreign exchange purchase, payment and settlement;
◆ provide personalized and customized foreign exchange management consulting and services.
◆ import value-added tax financing and export tax rebate financing;
◆ advance payment financing;
◆ accounts receivable factoring and commercial bill financing;
◆ export credit insurance financing and forward L / C financing.
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